It is our sincere hope that the following explanation of centre etiquette will help foster a peaceful environment by minimizing distractions and promoting harmony among all who come to the centre.


The precepts and centre etiquette help us to practice self-discipline and patience so we can interact harmoniously with others. As we practice together harmoniously, the concept of an individual ego will gradually begin to fall away and we will experience the reality that we truly are all one. From a practical standpoint, by following centre etiquette, we will be able to focus on the practice and not worry whether we are doing the right thing.  


At the Amitabha Buddhist Retreat Centre, we adhere to the Five Precepts. Thus, we refrain from killing, from taking what is not given, from sexual misconduct, from lying, and from taking intoxicants.


We request that visitors and members respect the precepts and centre etiquette.


1. Please refrain from practices other than those of the centre.


2. People come to the centre to practice and to learn. A quiet environment is necessary for both pursuits. In order not to disturb others, please refrain from all unnecessary talking. If talking is necessary, do so quietly. Please respect others’ wishes if they indicate they do not want to talk.


3. Do not bring any of the following to the centre: tobacco, illegal drugs, chewing gum, alcohol, meat, pets, plants, or books other than those approved by the centre staff.


4. Low-heeled, easy to slip on and off shoes and neutral-colored, loose clothing without any slogans is appropriate. Please be sure skirts and shorts come to below the knees and tops cover the shoulders, chest area, and midriffs. Socks are to be worn in the cultivation hall. Please do not wear any jewelry that makes noise or perfume and scented toiletries as these can be distracting.


5. Our form of greeting is hezang (hands held together at chest level) and a slight bow. This greeting fosters harmony and shows respect for the Buddha nature within each of us.


6. If you are coming for the Sunday practice and will be joining us for lunch, please let us know by Friday noon for catering purposes.


7. Anyone wishing to attend a retreat needs to submit an application specifically for that retreat. Applications must be received seven days before the retreat start date to allow for consideration and notification of acceptance/decline.


8. Please be punctual and participate fully in each scheduled retreat activity. However, it is understood that some people may not be able to follow the entire schedule because of health conditions or age. We will do all we can to accommodate anyone with a sincere desire to practice.


 Venerable Wuling