Born in 1946, our Teacher, Venerable Wuling grew up north of New York City. Having previously studied Buddhism when young, she learned of the Pure Land school through the teachings of Venerable Master Chin Kung in 1994. She went to the Dallas Buddhist Association for further study and practice, and it was in Dallas that she became a nun. She received ordination in Taiwan in 1997.


Venerable Wuling went to Singapore in 1998 and remained there for three years. During that time, she served as head of the translation group, Silent Voices, and as a lecturer. She moved to Australia in 2001 and became the Amitabha Buddhist Retreat Centre’s Teacher.


In 2004, Venerable became Director of the Amitabha Buddhist Retreat Centre and was appointed Vice President of the Pure Land Learning College Association Inc. in Toowoomba, Australia.


Since becoming a lecturer in 1999, Venerable has spoken abroad in Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United States. In 2001, she spoke at the Premier of Queensland's Multi-faith Gathering to memorialize the 11th September attacks and was a guest speaker at the Premier's Multi-faith Gathering on Australia Day.


From 2004 to 2008, Venerable was based in both Australia and the United States, and lectured in Australia, Asia, and North America.


Since mid-2008 she has resided in Australia where in addition to her work on behalf of the centre, she also serves as the head of the Pure Land Translation Team, conducts online classes, and continues to write.


Venerable Wuling’s books include How Will I Behave Today and the Rest of My Life?, Everything We do Matters, In One Lifetime: Pure Land Buddhism, Awaken to the Buddha Within, and path to peace. She also designed, edited, and contributed to Heart of a Buddha.


For Venerable's blog, please click www.abuddhistperspective.


 Venerable Wuling