The Amitabha Buddhist Retreat Centre is a place to learn about and to practice Pure Land Buddhism. The practice can also support and enhance other belief systems as it calms the mind and fosters mindfulness and stability.

On Sunday we have a group chanting meditation and either a recorded or live Dharma talk. The session begins at 9 AM , so we request visitors to please arrive at least ten minutes before we begin.


Weekend retreats are held throughout the year. For the retreat dates and schedule as well as additional information, please go to our ABRC blog by clicking "News Press" at the bottom of the page. Thank you.



Located deep in the heart of southeastern Queensland, the serenity and beauty of the land provide a haven for those who seek the inward path. Nature has provided the perfect blending of songbirds, rolling hills, and brilliant blue skies as the backdrop for Buddhist practice and study.


The centre was an unspoken dream of Celine and Charles Richardson who both imagined a place where people could come to learn more about themselves and their world. One day, Charles voiced his dream to Celine who happily replied that she shared the dream. Thus in 1994, Charles, at the age of 79, began the long and continuing work of transforming a large open metal shed on their property into a warm, inviting centre for spiritual awakening.


In 1994, Celine happened to come across the image of a Buddha at an auction. It was only after she had bought it and hung it at the centre that she learned it was Amitabha Buddha. Then in 2000, Charles and Celine "happened" to meet Venerable Wuling and invited her to give a Dharma talk at their centre.


Over the next two years as Dharma talks were held more often at the centre, it naturally transformed into a Buddhist centre. In 2002, it officially became the Amitabha Buddhist Retreat Centre with Venerable Wuling as its Teacher. Later in that year, a donated vintage Queenslander house was moved onto the property. Charles, who was just putting the finishing touches on the centre, began the work of renovating the house.


In 2007, work was completed on the house, which now provides accommodation for eleven women. Other accommodations are available for men.


The centre was officially opened on August 11, 2007.


 Venerable Wuling